From a young age I was blessed with the beauty of connection to Spirit and Source and carried it with me through life. For me, Spirit and I are so closely interwoven that it made no other sense to me but to make our intermingling into a way to help those who sought out advice from their Guides or even simply to hear from loved ones.

In 2013 I began the journey of initiation to become a shaman. While the whole idea was something I never fathomed incorporating into my life, the call was too strong to ignore. So after much soul searching, training, tipping my entire perspective of the world upside down and questioning the entire Universe, I had found my tribe, earned my rites of passage and became a full fledged shaman. 

It was with this training and new found depth to my connection to the 'other side' that I decided tarot would be a wonderful way to not only broaden my own horizons, but be of service to others as well. With many hours and years of practice I mastered the cards and built my own dictionary for their meanings. Not only had I gained a basis for reading for others but I also found new ways to convey messages from loved ones to their family and friends using tarot as a road map.